Thursday, August 26, 2010

A CAFE Board and Chant

Word Work Resource

Has a lot of great ideas for the "Word Work" part of The Daily 5

"Researched Based"-Why CAFE works

Thanks to No Child Left Behind and a push for the buzz word RTI, many schools are looking for "researched based" materials to give teachers so that they can't screw things up. The fact of the matter is that the NUMBER ONE factor that affects student achievement is the EFFECTIVENESS OF THE TEACHER...NOT the basal the kids were reading or the program used for RTI. "Researched-based" does not always mean that the "program" works. Research is relative in and of itself. What is important is that your teaching matches what a VARIETY of research tells us is "best practice" and what is not. For example, Allington's research tells us that programs and basal readers that require a variety of students that have different needs and are reading at different levels are NOT considered best practice. Kids need to be reading 90 minutes a day (ACTUALLY READING!!!) in a book that they can read with 99% accuracy and 96% comprehension. Would a basal fit that description for every student in your class? Of course not. Research shows that students need to have a part in their learning and must take responsibility for their goal setting. Students need individualized instruction, not a program. Students need REAL AUTHENTIC strategies that they can use when they go to read at HOME...because isn't that the goal, after all? Do kids have basal readers or a bunch of leveled readers at home? No. They need to be taught explicit strategies that match their needs that teach them how to choose a text and how to comprehend it, read it accurately, fluently, as they expand their vocabulary with the goal that they will continue to grow as readers and be able to read my challenging texts.

With administrators under such tight scrutiny, we as teachers must have ammunition, if you will, to defend best practice structures like The Daily 5 and CAFE from being phased out and replaced by basal readers that could be taught by robots and people without education degrees. We have to DEFEND teachers! In a society that is building RUSH teacher certification programs and providing scripted curriculum to eliminate the teacher. Don't go down so easily. WE KNOW WHAT OUR STUDENTS NEED. They need TIME. They need STRATEGIES. They need GOALS. They need to grow to LOVE reading. Don't replace authenticity with structure and data.

So colleagues, I am asking for your help. PLEASE do your research and post your findings here...

If we can help each other to answer this question...we can team together to protect teachers and what we know to be best practice.

Thank you.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My CAFE Board

Here are shots of my CAFE board. Since our class is the bears, I chose to stick with that theme. I am pleased with the outcome. I am really excited to start this with our students! Looking forward to trading tips and stories!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Beginning of my CAFE board

Hello all! I thought I would post a picture of my CAFE board so far! Let me know what you all think!! :)

P.S. Thanks to Ebonia for sending me the link to a different Rainforest CAFE board!! :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Menu and Bulletin Board Ideas

Hey Gang!

I have attached a picture of my bulletin board that I used for The Daily 5 as well as the CAFE menu that Tiffany and I saw in a 1st grade classroom in Walled Lake. Share yours when you have them done!! I need ideas!

New Teachers!

Hey Everyone!

I invited 4 new teachers from East Lansing to our blog on The Daily 5 and CAFE. Their names are Stephannie Hesch (Kindergarten), Lauren Anderson (1st grade), Ebonia Williams (1st Grade), and Marc Finger (2nd grade). I thought they could bring us some valuable input, too. I am giving everyone administrator rights to the blog so that you can invite other people you want as well. You just need a person's e-mail address to invite them.


If anyone has made the Headings for the CAFE menu...can we SHARE those please????

<3 Daryl

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Monday, August 2, 2010

I-PICK Song and Lesson!

I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! It is PERFECT for the kids to remember I-PICK
Song on YouTube

Here is a video of the sisters, Joan and Gail, teaching the Shoe Lesson from The Daily 5! They are so amazing!!!!

Here is one more video about a 1st grade teaching making CAFE work for her. It is from the sisters' website Here is a link to the video! It is just one of the free samples from the website. If we end up getting a subscription there is a ton more! This teacher says a lot of what we discussed (aka that she focuses mostly on Accuracy for 1st grade).